Montecito Auction House is located at:

741 Lakefield Road Suite B, Westlake Village, CA 91361 – Phone: 805-379-3099

Montecito Auction Company offers auction and liquidation services based on 3 decades of experience and hundreds of auctions conducted in nine Western States, selling a rich variety of goods such as Fine Arts, Antiques, precious metals and Jewelry, Estates and Business Liquidations, Classic Cars, any kind of consumer goods and many other products. We provide auction and liquidation services tailored to your need; whether you’re planning to liquidate your entire business inventory, or want to turn that one odd looking item you found in your grandma’s attic into quick cash, we can help.

You may need help from planning stage to full implementation or may just need an auctioneer for a day, we still can help.

We conduct our auctions in 3 main categories:

Online Auctions.
Floor Auctions
Combination of Online and Floor Auctions.
For our Online Auctions we use Live Auction services such as Liveauctioneers which is available exclusively to licensed auctioneers and auction companies. Registered and approved buyers attend the online auction on a preset date and time, usually scheduled 2 weeks before the auction and bid online. Learn more

Floor Auctions are the traditional way of conducting auctions. Buyers attend the auction at a predetermined auction premises scheduled to take place on a certain day and time. Learn more

The combination of the online and floor auctions is the most efficient way of selling items at an auction. Buyers have the choice to attend the auction personally at the location or bid live online at the comfort of their home. Learn more

Our Services:

Business Liquidation Auctions: We work as a free agents and can be hired as an independent auctioneers to plan and execute liquidation auction sale from start to finish. Our services could be limited solely to provide you with a liquidation auctioneer or we could help you develop your desired event from a simple idea to a successful auction. Learn more

Estate Sales or Estate Auctions may become necessary for several reasons such as moving a family member to a retirement or assisted living home, serious illness, divorce or passing of a loved one. The scale of process could be overwhelming for the survivors, especially sorting through lifetime collections of “things” some of which may seem worthless to you but could be of great value to the collectors.

Charity auctions are an effective way of selling significant amount of goods in a few fun and entertaining hours. Competitive bidding often exceeds the expected value, especially in an auction with a good cause. Also Obtaining products and service donations are easier than getting cash contributions.

Pre-Auction Liquidation Services: Durable goods retailers and wholesalers such as Home-Furnishing, Antique Stores, Appliances and other outlets are perfect candidate for a Liquidation Sale also known as Going- out-of-Business (GOB) sales before conducting a liquidation auct