General Auction Consignments

Whether you want to turn that one odd looking item you found in your grandma’s attic into quick cash or need to sell the entire warehouse full of merchandise, we can help. Whether you want to sell Fine Arts, Antiques, Jewelry, Precious Stone & Metals, Collectibles Classic Cars or any other products appropriate for auctions, we can help. Our service charge is commission based and we offer one the lowest rates in the industry. The procedure is very straight forward; if we sell it, you pay a commission, you don’t pay if we don’t sell. Our service could be limited to selling a single piece or full collection.
Please contact us today for an appointment to bring in your item/s to our auction house for evaluation or just simply send us an email with some photos and a brief description of your items. After the item/s have been accepted for our upcoming auctions, we take photos for our auction catalog at our auctions house.
The simple structure of an auction and its transparency makes it the most successful method of liquidation for any kind of merchandise, business inventory or personal possession.