Estate Sale and Auction Services

Estate Sales or Estate Auctions may become necessary for several reasons such as moving a family member to a retirement or assisted living home, serious illness, divorce or passing of a loved one. The scale of process could be overwhelming for the survivors, especially sorting through lifetime collections of “things” some of which may seem worthless to you but could be of great value to the collectors. After you have gained legal rights to the estate, you need to convert the estate to cash in an Estate Sale or Estate Auction. If the estate includes antiques, fine arts and/or collectibles, we would recommend Estate Auction for the following reasons:

  • You have much greater chance of getting a higher price in an auction because of competitive bidding in an auction.
  • We give you worldwide exposure in linking the auction through live auction broadcast in simulcast online. That is certainly the clear advantage over Estate Sale.

We work as a free agents in Southern California and offer Estate Auction services in Los Angeles County,Ventura County, Orange County and Santa Barbara County and can be hired as an independent contractor to plan and execute the Estate Auction Sale events from start to finish.

  • Free consultation and evaluation of the estate.
  • Merchandise sorting, labeling and catalog for the auction.
  • Estate auction promotion.
  • Worldwide live auction online simulcast.
  • Providing auction support crew.
  • Setting up auction premises and merchandise display.
  • Buyers’ reception and cashier setup.
  • Rehearsal if necessary.
  • Auction event, calling bids.
  • Auction closing report and statements.

The Estate Auction can be conducted at the location or we could arrange the auction to take place off the premises. Our experienced crew would pack and transport the items with great care to the auction premises where it would be presented to the public and to the world online.