Charity Auction Services

Charity auctions are an effective way of selling significant amount of goods in a few fun and entertaining hours. Competitive bidding often exceeds the expected value, especially in an auction with a good cause. Also Obtaining products and service donations are easier than getting cash contributions. Fundraising Auctions will give your members the opportunity to help even at the present sluggish economy.

You choose the level of services according to your needs, we provide:

  • Sorting and labeling of donated items.
  • Charity auction promotion among members.
  • Live auction online simulcast.
  • Appointing auction support crew.
  • Setting up auction premises and merchandise display.
  • Buyer’s reception and cashier setup.
  • Rehearsal if necessary.
  • Charity auction main event, calling bids by experienced auctioneer.

We also provide just the charity auctioneers for your event.

Pro Bono auctioneer’s services are offered with a cause close to our heart such as animal rights and animal care associations, wildlife preservation, organizations aiding children and all related institutions. The status of the organization receiving Pro Bono services may be audited by our company before rendering services.

We provide Charity Auction services and Charity Auctioneers in Los Angeles County,Ventura County,Santa Barbara County,San Diego County and all of California,Nevada,Arizona,Utah and all neighboring states. Charity Auctions have become an important fundraising tool as they give the members the opportunity to help in donating objects and possessions seating unused and forgotten in homes, garages and attics to be converted to cash in a few fun and entertaining hours through charity auctions.