Auction and Liquidation Services for Businesses

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We work as a free agents and can be hired as an independent auctioneers to plan and execute liquidation auction sale from start to finish. Our services could be limited solely to provide you with a liquidation auctioneer or we could help you develop your desired event from a simple idea to a successful auction. Organizing an auction requires careful planning and preparation such as;

  • Merchandise sorting, labeling and catalog.
  • Live auction online simulcast.
  • Liquidation auction promotion.
  • Appointing auction support crew.
  • Setting up auction premises and merchandise display.
  • Buyers’ reception and cashier setup.
  • Rehearsal if necessary.
  • Liquidation auction point of sale.
  • Auction event, calling bids.
  • Auction closing report and statements.

Businesses selling durable goods such as home appliances, home furnishings, electronics and other discretionary products feel the effects of slow economy. Largest portion of the capital of those businesses is tied in inventory and inventory is not moving fast enough these days to pay for expenses and create a healthy profit. Some products are subject to fashion and trends changes and others are subject to fast advancing technology and they all consume cash and they all cost money to store and maintain.

We can help you reverse that process in converting your overstock to cash; it reduces your overhead and keeps your cash flow going. We can help from the moment you decide to have an auction to convert products into cash to calling bid at your auction and we have been doing it for over 26 years.

The simple structure of an auction and its transparency makes it the most successful method of creating cash.